Planning a wedding is an exhilarating journey filled with choices and dreams. It’s a path that often requires guidance and support, making each step delightful and stress-free.

We believe in creating an experience that transcends the traditional roles associated with venues. In this blog, we’ll share the differences between a wedding planner, a venue manager, and a venue coordinator, demonstrating how our unique approach provides more than just a venue but a sanctuary of peace and expertise.

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The Roles Defined: Manager, Coordinator, and Planner

When it comes to planning your special day, it’s vital to distinguish between the roles of a manager, coordinator, and a dedicated wedding planner.

Venue Manager: A venue manager oversees the operations and logistics within the venue itself, ensuring the space functions seamlessly. However, their role primarily revolves around managing the venue, not the entire wedding planning process.

Venue Coordinator: A venue coordinator often aids in coordinating events at the venue, but their involvement can be limited, leaving a significant portion of the wedding planning responsibilities on the couple.

Dedicated Wedding Planner at Alexander Homestead: This role goes beyond the venue; a dedicated wedding planner like Carolann at Alexander Homestead tailors every aspect to your vision and preferences. From creating meticulous timelines to coordinating with vendors, they’re your guide through the entire journey.

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Carolann Price: Your Personal Wedding Planner

Carolann Price, your wedding planner at Alexander Homestead, exemplifies the epitome of dedicated wedding planning. She goes far beyond being just a venue coordinator or manager. Carolann is your unwavering guide, ensuring every detail aligns perfectly with your vision and preferences.

Her Role:

  • Carolann steps in within a week of you booking your date at AH, becoming your dedicated guide throughout the planning journey.
  • She meticulously manages and books vendors, provides expert guidance, and crafts timelines tailored to your vision.
  • Meeting Carolann is like meeting an old friend. She eases your worries and transforms your dreams into concrete plans, making the journey to “I do” enjoyable and stress-free.

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Danielle Dolson

Danielle is the Assistant Event Manager & Wedding Coordinator, working closely with Carolann at Alexander Homestead. Danielle has a keen eye for detail and a passion for orchestrating seamless events. From coordinating logistics to assisting with last-minute adjustments, she is committed to making your special day as stress-free and memorable as possible.

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Joy Greer: Orchestrating Perfection on Your Big Day

Joy Greer, your wedding coordinator at Alexander Homestead, adds the final touch to your wedding experience. Beginning 2-3 months before your big day, Joy ensures every detail aligns seamlessly for the perfect celebration.

Her Role:

  • Joy guides you through finalizing menus, colors, ceremony flow, and more, whether in person or virtually.
  • On your wedding day, Joy’s expert execution shines, from setup to cleanup, leaving you and your loved ones to savor every magical moment.

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Nicole Martin

When you reach out to us, Nicole will answer all your questions and help you start this amazing journey. When you are ready to take a tour, she will be there to show you around Alexander Homestead, explain all the benefits of our full-service venue and planning services, and help ensure your wedding vision is executed.

The Alexander Homestead Difference: More Than Just a Venue

We understand that the term ‘all-inclusive‘ has lost its true essence in the wedding world. We redefine it, providing not only a venue but a dedicated wedding planner and coordinator, ensuring every element is meticulously planned and executed.

Our Promise:

  • Clients meet their wedding planner, Carolann, within a week of booking.
  • A comprehensive in-person (or virtual) meeting with the Day-of Coordinator (DOC) takes place 2-3 months prior to the wedding.
  • The DOC guides you through finalizing every detail, providing a full 1-hour rehearsal in advance, and takes care of setup, execution, and cleanup on your special day.

We go beyond managing things at the venue; we manage your dreams, ensuring they come to life seamlessly and beautifully. Our dedicated team makes sure you experience nothing short of magic on your wedding day.