If you’re looking for fun things to do in Uptown, Charlotte then you’re in the right place! Not only is this an urban center that’s bursting with energy and activities, but it also carries a unique Southern charm.

That’s why, in this article we’re going to be going through 6 fun activities that you can do on your next visit to Uptown.

Pencil these into the itinerary.

Paddle Boarding at the U.S. National Whitewater Center

According to Paddleboard Insiders, the U.S. National Whitewater Center is one of the easiest places to learn to SUP. The center, just a short drive from the heart of Charlotte, offers not just an extraordinary paddle boarding experience, but an adventure-packed day on the water.

What makes it so special? You’re paddling through man-made channels that are designed to mimic real river conditions, so there are calm spots for beginners to find their balance, and pro riders to experience rapids for the first (or next) time.

Tips for Beginners: Always wear a life jacket, and consider getting a paddle board if you want to explore more of North Carolina on your own time.

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Bechtler Museum Of Art

Bechtler Museum Of Art

Explore the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

For the art lovers, the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art houses a stunning collection of mid-century modernism that you don’t want to miss. Highlights of the collection are works by Picasso and Andy Warhol, offering a peek into their genius.

Tips for Beginners: The museum is easily accessible in Uptown and offers audio tours that will really make your trip better because you’ll be able to understand the intended meanings behind the art (instead of making it up as you go like I do).

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Discovery Place Science

Discovery Place Science

A Day at Discovery Place Science

This is one of Charlotte’s top attractions for a reason, because this isn’t your typical museum! Discovery Place Science is a hub where science is both learned and experienced hands-on.

There are interactive exhibits that let you check out the rainforest, aquarium, and a real-world lab where you can conduct experiments!

Tips for Beginners: They frequently host special science events, so check their schedule to see if you can catch one because they are really fun.

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7th street market

7th street market

Shopping and Dining at the 7th Street Public Market

Experience the local flavors of Charlotte at the 7th Street Public Market. This is a really fun hub of restaurants and crafters all in one place. Plus – the market supports local vendors so anything you buy goes back into the community and makes it better.

Tips for Beginners: Don’t miss the homemade chocolates and freshly brewed coffee. If you’re into pizza then try Gino D’s.

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Spectrum Center

Spectrum Center

Attend a Game or Concert at the Spectrum Center

The Spectrum Center is the home to the Charlotte Hornets NBA team and a venue for top-tier concerts with the biggest names in the business playing there most weekends.

There’s always something happening there and it’s 100% worth checking out if you’re into live events. When it comes to fun things to do in Uptown, Charlotte… This is the place to be in my opinion!

Tips for Beginners: Book tickets long in advance because they sell out quickly for the big concerts and games. You can also consider VIP packages for the best seats and perks if you’re into that.

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Romare Bearden Park

Romare Bearden Park

Stroll Through Romare Bearden Park

Named after the famous Charlotte-born artist, Romare Bearden Park is a beautiful 5.4 acre public space in the heart of Uptown.

Why is it better than other parks? It has really fun interactive water features in the summer (the kids love this), and stunning city views year-round. The park also hosts live music and outdoor movies during the summer months so if you’re looking for a fun date then that’s a good bet.

Tips for Beginners: There are chimes that you can hit with a hammer that might be for kids, but they’re also really fun so you should check that out (I won’t tell if you don’t)

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Wrapping it up, Uptown Charlotte offers a fantastic mix of activities that blend the buzz of city life with the charm of Southern hospitality. Whether you’re standing up on a paddle board, getting lost in modern art, or catching a Hornets game, each moment spent here is sure to add something special to your trip.

So grab your planner and start penciling in some fun things to do in Uptown Charlotte.

Remember, the best trips aren’t just about where you go, they’re about what you do and the memories you make. So, make them count here!


What’s the best time of year to visit Uptown Charlotte?

The best time to visit Uptown Charlotte is during the spring (April to June) or fall (September to early November). During these months, the weather is pleasantly warm, and the city is lively with various outdoor events and festivals, making it perfect for exploring everything Uptown has to offer.

Are there any free activities to do in Uptown Charlotte?

Absolutely! You can enjoy a variety of free activities in Uptown Charlotte. Romare Bearden Park often hosts free events like live music and outdoor movies. The Mint Museum offers free admission on Wednesday evenings, and wandering around the 7th Street Public Market is also free (though you might be tempted to buy something!).

What are some family-friendly fun things to do in Uptown Charlotte?

Uptown Charlotte is great for families. Kids will love visiting Discovery Place Science, which is interactive and educational. Romare Bearden Park is perfect for a family picnic and some outdoor fun. Additionally, the ImaginOn is a fantastic library and theatre designed especially for children and is a must-visit for families.

How do I get around in Uptown Charlotte?

Getting around is quite easy. The area is pedestrian-friendly, making it ideal for walking. You can also rent bikes or scooters to zip around the city. For longer distances, the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) offers bus and light rail services that cover the entire downtown area and beyond.

Where are the best places to eat in Uptown Charlotte?

Uptown Charlotte has so many excellent restaurants and spots to eat. For a local flavor, try the dishes at the Fig Tree Restaurant, which offers a sophisticated ambiance and creative cuisine. The 7th Street Public Market is great for casual dining and sampling a variety of foods from local vendors. If you’re in the mood for something upscale, The Capital Grille provides a fine dining experience with steakhouse classics.